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Johns comments are pretty much right on, as are Tuans observations. I am thinking that John's Hand Launch experience is being applied to his thermal flying. I too advocate less Rudder to Aileron mixing. When I have other people take a turn on my models, I often see them stalling around as they try to tighten up the circle. I suggest you use as much Rudder to Aileron mixing as necessary to suit your comfort level. Learn to recognize that too much Rudder added to a circle will speed the model up and screw it in to the ground. You are better off to use less rudder coupling and add Rudder in to the circle as you need it. The restriction will be your vision, since you have to really be able observe your model to be able to circle out at the limits of your vision uncoupled. If you find the model getting out of sorts at the fuzzy range, you can add a little more R-A mixing to keep it easier to manage. If you find yourself out there to often you might consider a little expo to soften the control jabs a little too! Remember Handling Trumps Max performance,since unintended inputs kill performance. Larry
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