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Originally Posted by jrerickson

Taking a video of your yaw string is an interesting idea. I've got news for you, however. To keep that string straight you can't just do it with your right thumb. Unless you can program your radio to take speed and diameter of turn into account you are not going to have a fully coordinated turn.

I fly uncoupled with very little differential. I use my left thumb a lot. Sequence for a turn is right thumb to establish bank, add rudder, reduce rudder and bank out.

Flying at really high altitude or when you are just flying casually you can throw on the rudder/aileron mix, but I really think it makes you a better pilot to work on the coordination of thumbs. In hand launch this becomes really apparent, especially when turning close to the ground.

Excessive yaw, either in or out, is as bad as excessive bank. Both are lift killers.

Exactly John, I emphasize left thumb... did I write right thumb somewhere... ?

You scared me thinking I had written right thumb somewhere... I looked and see that I didn't so there.
Am really glad you are confirming what I am experiencing.

Originally Posted by fnnwizard

Anyhow, I still use A/R mix but mixed at rate that makes rudder move lots in beggining of ail movement, but it's on a switch and it gets turned on when I am at limits of my vision without height and for when I let others try my plane. Also, in normal flying I will start the turn will rudder just before adding ail as needed to keep bank angle. So far the X needs almost zero ail once in a thermal bank or even opposite, I just thought about this now, when in opposite your diff is actually working against you.

I need to clarify "lots in beginning..." lot's here was meant to say lots more in beginning of ail movement then say middle of ail movement... if that makes any additional sense... Also trying to say when adding opposite ali to hold a bank, diff is working against .
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