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Most of the planes coming out now mirror the Supra very closely.

I am no expert either, but I tried to explain this to a friend of mine.

The it's something like this.

Let's just say if normal, most efficient flying you need equal 5mm up/down ail with 15-20mm rudder. I don't know, it could be any number.

Now lets say you want to use diff, then say 5mm up 2.5 down with 10-15mm rudder? This will not produce same roll rate as previous, so need to move up ail to say 6-10mm ( again it could be any number) then down becomes 3-5mm, don't really know where rudder throw would be.

But from Mark's comments, I assume the 15-20 mm rudder throw + whatever ail needs to be causes less drag than the smaller deflection of rudder + extra up movement needed for same control authority.

I have tried it a few times and at height it is hard to tell, but when lift is really really light and I am nervously circling low this is where I have seen a difference.

I plan on attaching a camera to this X to see how flying surfaces act and also attach a yaw string just so I can be sure I am flying with correct rud/ail inputs. I will post that when I get it done for all to see and benefit.
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