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Re: Looking for a little guidance

Rayanth Drygu wrote:

> Thanks for the link, aeropal -- it confirms a sugestion that was made to me
> via email response to my original post
> Thanks also to all other suggestions made... It looks like i'll end up going
> with a Slow Stick ... the reviews i've read on it seem to rather strongly
> suggest that, while it needs a little work, overall it should make a nice
> gentle trainer that'll suit exactly what i've got available to me
> I'm a little concerned about wind though - they don't suggest flying it
> anything over 5mph. I'll be going to the proposed flying site over the next
> week and will get a better feel for what kind of wind the place sees, to
> make sure it's gonna be okay.

I woudl say that slow flyres despite the lack of wind capability, have
several major advantages.

(i) They are so light, espceially with Li-Poly batteries, that they
don't dmage themselves especailly if flown over long grass.

(ii) Mostly they will fly almost hands off, so letting go of the sticks
at reasonable altitude is a not bad way to get out of a mess.

(iii) things happen slow enough so that you have time to think which way
to push the sticks.

(iv) They are cheap enough airframe wise for you to wreck a few and not
have it hurt too much. Also they are ugly enough for you not to care.

After you have mastered one of these, the next step is to go for more
power - Twinstars are a good step up. AILERONS (gasp) and SPEED (double

Beyond that its down to inclinations.

> The low price tag makes me very comfortable, particularly if i can get some
> sort of arrangement for the servos. I may post more question slater about
> older futaba radios with new servos, possibly other brands, to go micro and
> lighter or something, we'll see... i need to dig out the old 4-chan and see
> what it actually is first =)
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