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That was it, thanks! It came trimmed that way and I thought that trim had to be centered, but throttle trim down is what works. The manual is a bit sketchy and Iíve been searching around for a more detailed .pdf that might explain things in more detail. The helicopter flies great, managed to keep it airborne for about 5 seconds so far, but evidently is going to take a bit of time to master. All fun though. Iím transitioning from a Blade mCX FP coax and have been practicing on the ClearView flight simulator. A lot more you can do with this machine than the mCX, and way faster too.

The tricky part for me right now is getting it up about 2 feet and getting it into a stable hover. Right away it lifts off and it hovers tail down a little and wants to drift a bit rapidly off to the sides. A big open gymnasium would be nice as for now getting it quickly up and reasonable stable takes a bit more room than I have to work with which is a basement with plenty of space but supports in the way.

This will be a fun machine once I get the hang of it. I need practice on the simulator some more. Having 20 x 20 feet or more to work with would be nice. For now itís getting a handle on the basics and trying not to destroy anything in the process.

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