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Rayanth Drygu
Rayanth Drygu
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Re: Looking for a little guidance

Thanks for the link, aeropal -- it confirms a sugestion that was made to me
via email response to my original post

Thanks also to all other suggestions made... It looks like i'll end up going
with a Slow Stick ... the reviews i've read on it seem to rather strongly
suggest that, while it needs a little work, overall it should make a nice
gentle trainer that'll suit exactly what i've got available to me

I'm a little concerned about wind though - they don't suggest flying it
anything over 5mph. I'll be going to the proposed flying site over the next
week and will get a better feel for what kind of wind the place sees, to
make sure it's gonna be okay.

The low price tag makes me very comfortable, particularly if i can get some
sort of arrangement for the servos. I may post more question slater about
older futaba radios with new servos, possibly other brands, to go micro and
lighter or something, we'll see... i need to dig out the old 4-chan and see
what it actually is first =)

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