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Re: Coupla Questions

If it is a Hitec rx, just send it back to them. They usually do fixes like
that for free.

Regarding the control throws, try using dual rates on both the elevator and
ailerons to reduce the throws. I have used the same setup on an FMA razor
but can't remember exactly without rereading the manual and doing some

John VB

"Steve Grobard" <> wrote in message
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> 1. Does anyone know how to determine the length of a replacement antennae
> for a receiver? I've broken one and want to replace it. It's channel 50.
> Also, what should the gauge be?
> 2. I have a Hitec Flash 5 radio system on a Zagi electric plane. The plane
> uses elevons, and in my one flight, it was VERY sensitive to the controls,
> especially for a newbie like me. The pushrods are set on the outermost
> positions, but the throws are still pretty large. I know I can set the EPA
> (end point adjustment) on the radio to minimize throws, but it doesn't

> to work with the radio set on elevons. Is it possible to change the throw
> using elevons, or do I have to take another approach?
> Thanks
> Steve