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Raydee thanks for stsrting this great Thread , for updating the first post and for mentioning just how great this chargers handles Ni chemistry. My self and my son have Nicad cordless power tools packs which were going down hill fast. My son even had one which was unuseable when he acurided it 04-15-07 ( part of a used set he purchased). I have been using my DUO and new 720i Net to cycle these old batteries and they have made a remarkable come back. Non of my other chargers do nearly as well . They may not last but then again I have some 30 year old Ni cells which are still doing OK.

A few example.
My son's 18 V Roybi flashlight would only work for a few minutes after using the Roybi charger.He has two chargers and result the sme with both. Three cycles on the 720i and now the light stays full briteness for an hour and battery still had 300 mAh in it whenndischarged down to 0.08 per cell at 2 amps.

One of my 14.4 V Roybi packs would not charge on OEM charger at all. First cycle on 720i 100 mAh in and 80 out,second cycle 500 in and 320 out, third cycle 905 out.

Perhaps I should start a sideline business repairing (?) cordless power tool packs.

How does that line go , send me your tired ,weak and weary?
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