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Originally Posted by BlueFFF
Lead Wings,

I am watching this very closely, because I have a Polks Tracker III with 99 model memory and it would be great if I could hack in a 2.4G from one of these with a switch allowing me to run either ppm or 2.4 depending on the plane I'm flying.

It would give me a universal radio for all my planes and I could have the benefits of 2.4G too!


I must admit Ive kind of got myself to the space that if I am going to hack my JR 2610, I will use the Assan hack module.

Main reasons for this are:
  1. It is made as a direct shoe-in, and I must admit the 5V thing mentioned above may make using the HK set too hard to hack with
  2. Assan seem very responsive to the feedback they are getting, and are improving their products
  3. The Assan V2 uses 2 frequencies (one as backup) so should be a stronger link (this is a whole subject in itself which is way over my head and is discussed in great lengths in other places. It is noted the HK uses the second Rx module, which is a plus in its favour. Also the HK sets seem to be getting a prety good rap from those using them.)
  4. I have sort of got to the point that I feel if i am going to go to all the effort to hack my radio, shoulld I be doing it with a replacement RF module that is so cheap ($30 - Rx value - rest of handset = not much)
  5. Assan have a range of Rx's 4g 4 channer, 6 and 7 channels, which are not that much more than the HK ones to suit the $30 radio.
Just airing my thoughts here in case others are interested - I'm not trying to say the $30 HK is not good value and a usable set, but for me if I'm going to hack I will go the Assan route.

But in the mean time Ive got the HK set ot play with while I wait.....
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