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Re: Coupla Questions

Check the manual for the Flash 5. I know you can reduce the rates and add
dual rates in elevon mode, I just havent used mine in a while and its in the
garage and not close to hand.
I had/have mine set up for dual rates on my 400X, but I havent used either
the plane or the radio lately due to experiments in airborne video.
I've heard the screams of the vegetables...
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> 1. Does anyone know how to determine the length of a replacement antennae
> for a receiver? I've broken one and want to replace it. It's channel 50.
> Also, what should the gauge be?
> 2. I have a Hitec Flash 5 radio system on a Zagi electric plane. The plane
> uses elevons, and in my one flight, it was VERY sensitive to the controls,
> especially for a newbie like me. The pushrods are set on the outermost
> positions, but the throws are still pretty large. I know I can set the EPA
> (end point adjustment) on the radio to minimize throws, but it doesn't

> to work with the radio set on elevons. Is it possible to change the throw
> using elevons, or do I have to take another approach?
> Thanks
> Steve