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2.4 GHz hack donor??

One of the reasons I wanted to get my hands on one of these was to see if it could make a suitable hack donor for a 6 channel 36 MHz FM computer radio I already have – ie all the functionality of the computer radio without the glitches.

In pulling the radio apart, the first thing I noticed was that the 2.4 GHz RF module is tiny – you can see by the attached photo. I initially struggled finding something small and generic enough to put in perspective – so finally settled on a AA battery, and as you can see it’s quite a bit smaller than that.

The board has etched into it, so that confirms who made it.

It also has what looks like mini aerial etched into the PCB (circled in the photo below) – my guesses are either this is the aerial if used in cheaper/shorter range models, or it is used for sampling 2.4 GHz and making sure the selected band is clear before locking in.

On the back it has the following etched next to the wires from the main PCB:
  • PPM in
  • SW1 (assumed for range check switch?)
  • GND
  • CC_5V
The last one caused me some concern. I think my radio uses full battery voltage to the RF board (12V), where as it looks like this unit regulates the voltage down to 5V – which makes sense if it is using digital processing.

My electronics knowledge is pretty limited, but I’m guessing if I connect this to my computer set it will fry the RF module.

Anyone out there who knows more about electronics care to comment??
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