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Converting modes

Sorry just noticed EarlWB had already posted some info on doing this - so this is a bit of a repeat
Have just got mine which was mode 1 and I wanted mode 2, so thought I would do a how-to.

Converting modes with this radio is easy, as there are no fixed channel assignments – so you just change the spring and ratchets over, change the plugs that your servos and throttle is plugged into on the Rx and your off.

It too about 10 minutes to do mine (including searching for a screw that I dropped)

So step by step:
  1. Open up the back of the box by removing the 4 screws on the back
  2. Unplug the lead to the battery case and put to one side
  3. Locate the throttle ratchet on one gimbal, and the centring spring for the elevator on the other. Easiest way may be to move the sticks and look from the back
  4. Remove the ratchet on the throttle (one screw)
  5. Remove the centring spring form the other side. This can be removed by just popping the spring off the tensioning adjuster then fishing the bits out, or by pulling the gimbal apart (see below)
  6. You should then have ratchet and screw, and centring arm, centring spring and spring tension adjuster (see photo)
  7. To insert the tensioning spring into the other gimbal, it is easiest to remove the gimbal from the case – simply unscrew the three screws from the from of the case (note the forth screw is a fake – don’t try to unscrew this, it is just moulded plastic)
  8. Remove the side of the gimbal by unscrewing 2 screws, then pull the side of the gimbal off
  9. Insert centring arm, centring spring and spring tension adjuster
  10. Put side of gimbal back on and make sure it moves freely and centres OK
  11. Screw gimbal back into case
  12. Check tension and adjust to taste
  13. Plug battery lead back in
  14. Test with Rx
  15. Put back on
  16. Go fly
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