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with the top bulkheads in place, next step is to skin her. i use the method of rolling described in my prior build threads. nothing new or different here. i tend to sand the
1st pic show the first skin in place. 2nd pic shows the 2nd skin in place. since this build, i have begun adding a little strip of 1/4" fff along the edge where the skin will meet. it gives more gripping space for the skin. adds minimal weight. i can't remember who taught me that. i wish i could remember to give proper credit.
before skinning further, i decided to begin installing the radio gear before she gets all closed up. i decided to install the aileron servos 'up-side-down' so that i could reach them via an access panel on the bottom... and hopefully preserve the contours of the upper fuse. the last 3 pics show the aileron setup. nothing different from my prior designs. when she is flipped over again, she won't sit flat because of the servos, so i manufactured a little jig to set her on. basically, its a couple layers of foam glued together with a center section cut out to fit the ailerons so they can hang down without hitting the table. this flat jig is important to make sure one doesn't introduce twist into the airframe when skinning. i made this mistake on my 2 big MiG-21's and they still need fixing because the elevator torque tube is at an off angle.
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