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Originally Posted by Cap'n Jack
So...CG Bob was a "blackshoe".
Spent some time in Kodiak myself.
As well as a watch standing member of the black gang.

Some of the model blow boaters can be as bad as those that sail the full size boats. I've see Captain Chaos run his Soling 1M in Lake Erie a couple of times, and almost get hit by power boats - because his sailboat model has the right of way.

Summer of 1988, and I'm aboard CGC VIGOROUS and we're on patrol in the Carribbean looking for druggies or illegal migrants. This day we're near Haiti, and we come across a 40' wood sailboat with about 70 Haitians looking for freedom and gold lined streets. We have some of the "guests" on board our ship, and the 1MC announces "DC1 G--- lay to the bridge". I go topside, and I am told the CO wants to see me. I'm trying to figure why the CO wants me. Our converstaion goes something like this:
CO - DC1, I know you're good at fighting fires. How good are you at starting them?
Me - Captain, I was born in Chicago. I don't need O'leary's cow; just some gas, JP5 and some flares.
CO - That's good, I want you to burn the sailboat.
Me - Before or after we get the Haitians off?
CO - After we get them off, and get about 3 miles away. Get your gear and get in the RHI when we get our guests aboard.
Me - Aye aye sir.

I go see the Gunner to get some flares. I get 5 gallons of gas and 5 gallons of JP5. All of the Haitians are aboard our cutter, so I get my gear and board the RHI. We motor over to the sailboat, and I climb aboard. The boat crew hands me the fuel, and I start spreading it in the bilge, on deck, and on blankets. Just my luck, there's a 5 gallon plastic can with a lid aboard the sailboat. I put about a quart of gas in there and seal the lid real tight. I signal for the RHI to come get me and hand down my empty fuel cans. After jumping into the RHI, i throw a couple of lit flares onto the sailboat, We move off about 50 yards to make sure the boat catches fire. The boat engineer asks me about the 5 gallon plastic can, and I said it should kick off about - BOOM - now. I thought the BM2 boat coxswain was going to need clean shorts after my little fireworks explosion. That can cooked off and went airborne about 80 feet - leaving a colorful smoke trail. We head back to our mother ship, and the CO meets us at the boat deck. He says, "DC1, I wasn't expecting a fireworks show." I replied, "No extra charge sir."
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