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Damned gun bunnies always making a mess on my deck! Most of the time on tin cans they thought the entire ship (and the entire crew) was just there to tote around their gun mounts....
We had one of the best GMGC's (Gunners Mate Guns Chief Petty Officer) in the navy and a Captain who loved to shoot small arms. He would always get four or five 55 gallon drums of lube oil (even though we had four tanks that were just fine), after a few days under way he would pump extra oil from the drums into the tanks and we would have 'fun' with .50's, M-60's, M-14's. The skipper was doing his best Winston Churchill imitation (complete with stogie and bowler hat!) blazing away with a 50. (for proficiency don't you know!) when the CPO said that he could get in the OMC (One Man Control station) of 'his' gun mount (5-1) and that at 4000 yards (2 nautical miles) he could put one round short of the drum and splash it into the air, and, with a second round, put a hole in so it sank. The skipper told him to put his money where his money where his mouth was and bet $50 he couldn't. Needless to say a lot of bets were made while they were manning up 51. The skipper ensured that the fire control guys were not in the director (to aid the chief) and told him fire away. The chief loaded two round BL&P (Blind Loaded and Plugged, filled with sand and plugged, exercise rounds) to the trays and fired away, the first round went right through crest of a wave as the drum rose, and it flew 50 feet in the air, he waited while it hung there for a second and center-punched the second right through it!
The Chief it turned out was hiding his light under a bushel and he was a three time Navy skeet shooting champion. When we would get the clay pigeon thrower out he would bring and M-14 and shoot doubles while most of us were having a hard time hitting singles with a shotgun.
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