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Originally Posted by fooman2008
Now my father, CO of a fast combat stores ships (AFS-7 the San Jose), ...
Hey Foo...I remember that ship! I was stationed up the bay a piece at Concord, Ca. on a ammo ship called the AE-29 USS Mt. Hood....back in the early 70's.

Now that was a ship that reminded me of Mr. Roberts...where they sent all the screwup officers. We ran her into the pier at Alameda one night when we were supposed to be sneaking in to remove all the nukes that were not supposed to be there.....funny the huge convoy of trucks with the red lights flashing and manned by Grunts with M-16's...gee we aren't going to attract attention!

Every time we came to port after that they would send the tugs out as soon as we approached the Golden Gate bridge and make us shut down....didn't want us to hit a bridge I guess. We also managed to pump oily bilges into the bay while tied up in Seattle...a little embarrasing when they put the yellow ring around the ship to contain the spill...not to mention the time we managed to flood her while sitting on a floating dry dock. One time when we went out on independent cruising the C.O. had me (I was a Gunner) go down to the armory and fetch his lever action Winchester and a case of grenades back up to the bridge. He had the bosens toss over some 55 gallon drums and had the helmsman circle will he tossed grenades and shot up the drums....I couldn't wait to get off that thing. We caught fire at sea once and everyone (the other ships) took off and said we were on our own...good luck. The original Mt. Hood blew up in port in WWII...I hated that ship! Had fun on the fork lifts though (fork lift fights)! Talk about pucker factor first time ya see a bomb roll off the forks and roll across the pitching deck and plow into a bulkhead! I remember pulling the pin on the gun captains seat and watched him roll onto the deck while the 5" gun was pumping rounds into the water....gee I guess I fit right in now that I think about it!
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