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When I was younger, a looong time ago (a teenager),
I Had learned to sail in San Francisco at the old Alameda Naval Air Station marina. I my lightning fast 14 foot laser thought I could outsail anything afloat. Also in my ignorance thought that I, as a sail boat (i.e. not under power), had right of way over anything with power. Now my father, CO of a fast combat stores ships (AFS-7 the San Jose), heard me open my mouth once too often and borrowed a small motor boat and had us slooowly crawl up to the bow of the ship while I laid on my back in the bow. As we did this he informed of the first true rule of the sea tonnage has right way! you may have right of way but if he smashes you into a grease spot who wins?
Five years later when I was active duty on a destroyer we pulled into Japan (Yokusaka I believe?) and the damned Greenpeace nitwits showed up to protest a nuclear powered anything pulling into Japanese waters. The skipper of the Carl Vinson actually aborted his first entrance into the harbor! The skipper of the battle group lost his temper and order the CO of the Vinson to put a pair of hose teams on the forward corners of the flight deck and hose anyone who got too close. The knuckleheads had managed to avoid the police launches by utilizing about half dozen zodiac inflatables with big motors that were quicker than the local police launches (who were trying themselves from being run over by the carrier for being too close). Did you know that a 2 1/2 inch fire hose can fill a zodiac so full of water that it can barely make steerage way (making it easier for jerks to be caught by the cops) in about 10 seconds? The hose teams from Vinson (and her crew who had had to man the rail for something like four hours) had quite the time with the hoses!
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