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A moment that makes one question his sanity

One day on the cable watch we arrived in the safety zone to find a bunch of pleasure boaters in the area. Of course these guys never listen to broadcasts on the vhf warning them about the hazards. I made my rounds to all the boats that were anchored and made the request that they pull anchor. They didn't have to stop fishing, just not drop thier hook on a several million dollar cable with high voltage running through it. The last on I pulled up to had a guy that loooked to be a biker dude. He looked rough and pulling up to the side of his boat he looked as though he was going to try to jump on my deck. I told him he was going to have to pull his anchor and move out. To my suprise he was very polite and quickly went forward to haul his hook. A lot of them would try sneaking out to anchor when it was pea soup fog. Many running without a fog horn or even lights. But radar always showed where they were and I would appear off thier bow to make them move.
I would have to say though that the worst ones out there are the blow boaters. I was inbound to the the dock for relief and running in shallow water. My 53 had a 7' draft and could not vary too much in the channel fairway. I had watched a small day sailer/Hobie cat streak across the fairway from my port side and continue on. I thought no problem he is gone past. 5 minutes later when I was in the channel with no where to go he came streaking up on my starboard side heading for a crossing right on my bow. I was making way at 12 knots with the tide following. He didn't even try to alter coarse just kept bearing down on the bow. I had to cut hard over and grab full reverse to keep from running him under. As he passed off the port side he looked at me as though I was wrong and gave me the one finger salute.
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