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It bwas not Navy nor Coast Guard. It was Air Force basic training in August 1966.

It was a hot Sunday evening in San Antonio Texas when Training Instructor Tech. Sgt. Blood lead two fights of basic trainees to the mess hall for their dinner meal. (As soon as the basics were fed and returned to the baracks, he was free to leave. Thus, he had an incentive to get this over with as saoon as possible.)

Now Sgt. Blood was tall and lean with a tanned leathery face and a parade ground voice. He did not hesite to use his name to intimidate new basic trainees.

For one reason or another, it seemed that we were one of the last flights to arrive at the mess hall. Sgt. Blood was p , or so it seemed.

He paced back and forth and suddenly stopped, as if recalling a forgotten memory. He turned and said in his pparade ground voice: "Petrowitz, front and center". Airman basic Petrowitz snaped to attention and replied: "YES SARGENT" and paraded up to sargent Blood.

Now Petrowitz was a short, dumpy 5'7" guy in Air Force basic fatigues standing inches from 6' 3" Sgt. Blood in his immaculately starched training instructors uniform. And Sgt. Blood said to him: "Petrowitz, I understand that you are a champion hog caller."

Petrowitz replied: "Yes sargent, I placed second in the nationals last year".
"Well then" said the sargent, "I want you to call me a hog!"

Petrowitz was standing there no more than 4 inches from Sgt. Bloods chest. Without looking left or right, Petrowitz bellowed out in a manor of a champion hog caller: "YOU'R A HOG SARGENT"

Even Sgt Blood lost it!

There is another story about Sgt. Blood but that is for later.
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