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used to love when we would get the middies (Naval and NROTC midshipman) and have them go get us 50 feet of centerline! Another favorite (depending on your individual level of sadism) was to send the middie down to a machinery space (all Machinist Mates (MM's) and have them get a BT punch 12. The MM's would punch the middie in the arm 12 times and say 'oops this is a MM punch, you need a BT punch! and then send them down to one of the boiler rooms. Getting a bucket of magnetic bearing grease was another favorite.
The penultimate for us on my first ship (the DDG) was when the skipper's god daughter was aboard for her middie cruise with her room-mate (this was the 80's and women weren't normally allowed aboard combatant ships and he pulled lots of strings to get them aboard). One of the junior officers told her casually that the CO was less than loved and that all the zero's (Officers) would be watching his back. The skipper had demanded that all the middies learn about each department and her turn was in the gunnery dept.. They were teaching her about being the gun captain and were doing t-checks (transmission checks to verify that the gun mount could move as needed) with her in the gun captain's station (the gun houses were manned then). The gunners let her move the mount under her (local) control, then inconspicuously changed the mount to remote control from the carrier (gun machinery) room, they then trained the mount up the bridge wing where the CO was catching a nooner in his bridge wing chair, furthering her panic they flipped on the shell hoists causing her to think that they were loading the gun preparing to assassinate the Captain. The female jumped from the mount, screaming, scaled the O-1 deck and was trying to clamber up the side of the bridge wing when her screaming finally awoke her god father. It took a couple of seconds and then realized what about half his crew had done to the poor woman, and about died laughing. When she finally left he did jump a few selected butts about it, but by then we had all had more than a few laughs about it!
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