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What's the difference between a fairy tale and a sea story?

A fairy tale starts with the words "Once upon a time..."

A sea story usually starts out with the words "This is a no $hitter..."

Back in 1982, I was a DC1 assigned to CGC CONFIDENCE, homeported in Kodiak, Alaska. We were about 3 days into a fisheries patrol along the Aleutian Islands (think of Dangerous Catch). I was in the lounge reading a model airplane magazine, back then most of them had a boat column. A new Fireman Apprentice (new kid in the engine room) comes into the lounge and asks if I seen prop wash. I told him that I thought we were out of the stuff, but I ripped a page out of my magazine and gave it to him. It was a full page ad for an aerosol can containing Prop Wah - used to remove oily residue from your airplane cowl. About 5 minutes later, the 1MC (general announcing circuit) makes the following announcement, "Now, DC1 G-- report to Main Control." I go to Main Control, and the MKC is holding the Prop Wash ad, and laughing. He asks me where I got the ad from, and I tell him. We almost had the Engineer Officer convinced we needed to buy some.

Sending the new kid out for prop wash is one of those useless missions aboard ship; but the Chief never expected the kid to return with some prop wash, even if it was a magazine ad.
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