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Good info Adam. I'll go to the link and take a look.

BTW -- I totalled up the weight for the XL3200 and it comes out to quite a bit more than the predicted 72oz. With my current setup here are the weights:

Airframe: 47.5 oz
Motor,battery,speed control,prop: 38.5 oz
Radio equipment w/6 servos
and 3 oz600mAh receiver battery: 11+ oz.

Predicted total weight: 97 oz.
Predicted wing loading: 14.4 oz sq ft.

This is a lot higher than predicted on the NSP website. Even with a much lighter power setup I can't see it being much less than 84 oz. To hit the 72 oz. weight I would need a power system that weighs about 13 - 18 oz. depending on whether I use a separate receiver battery.

Actually, I'm fascinated by all of the technology and I'm determined to master it!

I really appreciate your time and input. I feel that most of the "common wisdom" from the club members is heavily influenced by their experience with hotliners and F5B ships. They usually have a focus on motor duration and plane speed rather than thermal duration. I'm usually one of the few at the field doing thermal duration flying.

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