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I've been building a few wings using Solidworks and understand your learning difficulties. I'm using Solidworks 2009 and, unfortunately SW is not backword compatible or otherwise I would send you a file. If you have airfoil data in Excel, then the best way to get it into SW is using Curve through XYZ points, as you've already learned. After the curve is in SW, create another sketch on a plane parallel to the curve sketch. Select the curve and "convert entities". That will bring the curve into the new sketch. From there you can manipulate the curve to add twist for washout, etc.

I'm unsure of how manipulating the curve this way affects the accuracy of the airfoil so I try to get the curve positioned as accurately as I can by offsetting in Excel before creating a TXT data file to import into SW.

Once you get the airfoil curves into sketches then a loft using guide curves is the way to make the wing surfaces. I suggest using the surfaces instead of solids in SW as it gives you much better control. They added boundry boss/base is SW2009 which is a big improvement. Previously, boundry features were only available as surfacing tools.

Hope this helps some...
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