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Follow Up - More Info

Originally Posted by ajbaker
See post #35. I have a Turborix on order and I am waiting for it. I hope to get it in 7 days or less. My plan is to use the Turborix transmitter (6ch) with the HK receivers (6ch), if they are compatible (thereby, I would have full use of ALL 6 channels). I will post the results as soon the Turborix system arrives. The down side of the Turborix is that you need a computer to program any changes. Meanwhile, I do not think there is any way to make the HK transmitter (4ch) operate all 6 channels of the receiver that comes with it.
I got the r2 (Turborix) 6ch system and rcvr today. The short follow up is almost all positive. The receivers from r2 or HK are compatible with either transmitter and made by the same manufacturer ( It took me about 9 hours to figure out every nook and cranny of the ACRO (airplane) programming. The big down side of the r2 is that you need a laptop to change models. For me, that is OK. I have 33 RTF planes and now I can program each one exactly as I want it. I did the math and I can save about 4500 models on a floppy. To change models takes about 20 seconds if the laptop is on. So, in summary, here is my recommendation: buy the r2 system and whatever number of receivers that you require from HK. I have a total of 9 receivers (8 from HK) and I bound all of them to the HK first. Right now, they are all bound to the r2 and I can use all six channels. One r2 system was $60.30USD - delivered to my doorstep. Cool, very cool low end system. It comes with a CD for drivers and a manual (22 pages) that you can print out. I did not see anything that looks like expo settings (still ok with me). However, maybe somewhere in the heli settings there might be something that sets expo (probably under another name). So, if anyone figures out how to set expo, let us all know. The r2 system fills all of my needs for now. Oh, I put NiMh batteries in the transmitter and use a peak charger to charge it. I put brand new Duracell batteries in the HK (4ch) system and left it on to see how long they would last. It went from green (OK) to Orange (warning) in 3hrs. 15mins. It went from Orange to Red (big warning) in 10hrs 22ins later. All this time the system is fully functional. It went from red to unreliable 26 hrs later. So, all it all, it was functional for almost 40 hrs of continuous flying. Wow. The pictures below show both systems and a glimpse of the program that sets all the bells and whistles in the transmitter. Enjoy.


P.S. Here is a thread with a lot of good info on the r2 system.
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