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Solidworks airfoils to wing generation???


I'm struggling to make a wing with Solidworks 2007 SP0. I used to be a reasonable Pro/E driver 10 years ago, but I am pretty new to Solidworks. I have been through most of the tutorials, and have made a bunch of parts and assemblies without too many issues. But I cannot figure out how to make a wing.

I see there are some experienced Solidworks users here that have provided help before, but I can't see a detailed enough answer to get me through this.

I have got as far as getting an airfoil in using the Curve XYZ function through a text file. But it is nailed at the origin - well, offsets wouldn't be too hard in Excel - but it seems very awkward. And once the curve is in, I can't seem to do anything with it. I can't make bring it into a sketch, or extrude it, or anything else that might make it useful.

I can potentially see how I could loft between two airfoils, and even make curved leading and trailing edges using guide curves. If I could use the airfoils.

Is there any other way to bring airfoils in other than the Insert, Curve, Curve through XYZ Points? If not, how do I bring it into a sketch, or do something with it? How could I put twist in a wing if it will only bring in a curve related to the original datums?

I would like to be able to bring in an airfoil through a text file or something, onto a plane I create, hopefully with whatever twist or offsets I need, rather than trying to doctor the offsets and twist in Excel. I understand exporting DXF out of Profili, and then importing it to SW doesn't work that well either.

I hope I don't test your patience too much. Thanks in advance!


Edit: I finally found the only command available with the curve selected, so I managed to bring the airfoil into a sketch. So now I can extrude it, or loft between two with an offset built into the Excel XYZ ordinates. The airfoil does not look great when zoomed in, and I'm still not sure how to do washout without a lot of Excel math on the ordinates?
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