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I had a good 8 minute flight this arvo - mostly motor running I'm afraid . Will see what the charger says this evening.

I don't think it will take long to get some height. The climb angle at WOT seems to be around 30-40%, but I noticed when the wind gusted stronger it just rose vertically. After about 15 seconds it was plenty high enough for the football field I was flying least until I get more confidence.

After flying in such windy conditions yesterday I'd go for the lighter wing loading with the ASW28 as it flew really well. Maybe the heavier model would offer more speed? I'm using an extra 10grams of clay at the very front and underneath the canopy so a bigger battery would be a good idea. Unfortunately my 1200 lipo is even lighter then the stock 1000mAh so probably not going to help.

Now I've flown with the new CoG (as per the manual) it is much better. Sadly, I had set up a nice landing approach today but decided to try go around one more time and ended up flying into a soccer pole. Cracked the port wing right where the aileron starts. Better break out the CA and kicker again...

Don't know your hawk, so can't offer any help re: speed comparisons. I would say the 3S would give a noticable kick in power, negating any extra weight when under power. I know I have a 3S and 4S setup in almost the same airframe (47" 3DHS Extra) and the extra power of the 4S is in another league.

IMHO, for the money I think the ST ASW28 is good value - shame it doesn't come sans trans.


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