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Originally Posted by IPFlyer
Unreal. While I'm sure the tx is a POS, it is hard to believe they can even buy the 2.4 circuitry. Let us know how it goes.
IPFlyer: 2.4GHz PCB work is very inexpencive. Material wise, there are no exotic or new ICs required for operation. I would be suprised if the circut board inside the transmitter costs more than $4.

Originally Posted by bjpaul
FCC ID? I would bet that the cost of hiring a qualified testing lab, running the tests and submitting the paperwork would be greater then the potential profits if it sells retail at $30.00

2.4GHz is under Part 15; no FCC ID required to operate given you are operating under the FCC rules. I doubt this thing has any high power transmission output.

I ordered one and it came in with the rest of my parts last week. The sticks are decent enough, trim tabs are mechanical. Overall the quality is very good, a step down from the typical $300 transmitters... no rubber grips, etc. however the plastic is clean and uniform, as well as the labeling.

No manual, however for something this basic everything is common sense. If this were your first radio, you'd probably have to figure out which channel numbers control which functions, but that's about it. The only programming feature is servo reverse (Set of four switches on the front). There is a trainer port, however it is only for PC use (No trainer switch, no buddy box function). I have not had time to look at it closer, will do so next weekend.

I bought this to see if it would be a practical radio for a first time R/Cer. A quality $25 with straight forward 4 channel operation would be ideal for a first time pilot. It looks like it fits the bill. I would probably recommend this as a first radio, unless if one had some extra cash + time to read long manuals and was planning on having several planes. I'm beginning to think if I can use this radio with my planes at R/C events, so I don't have to screw around with the pin board. Obviously if I were to go this far with this system it would be much more ideal to buy a Dx6 for not much more, however this would probably be plenty for typical park flyer operation or any kind of local flying club.

I'm not sure about this, but this radio may not have spread spektrum. Even if it doesn't, the chances of being shot down are small (not minimal) however it would be something I would strongly recommend avoiding this at a very large fly-in.

Nice little piece of gear. Seems great for electric flying at a field, not including large events. (i.e. SEFF, etc)
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