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Don't go brushless for your C-130. As long as there is such a price difference between brushed and brushless, you can find very succesful ways to keep costs in line for a model that has a naturally draggy airframe and four powerplants. (unless of course you start getting any much bigger than what you are talking). Brushless motor setups are GREAT for ducted fan stups where RPM is a major factor, or hotliner fast models where RPM and very powerful bursts of thrust are the name of the game. A scale multi-engine aircraft can and will fly very well on a brushed setup.

A solid brushed motor combo will cost 20 times less and be more suited for a 4 motored model. Because you are looking at so much model here, you will probably have to wire your motors in sets of two, with two different speed controllers. The Astro 204D is good for 60 amps continuous, and would be very comfortable running 2 motors at a time (like both inboard motors for one ESC, both outboard motors for the other).

There is a C-130 that Roddel Model of Germany puts out that has similar dimentions to your design and it is powered by 4 speed 600 motors. You can get larger brushed motors too, but watch the prices as when you get bigger here the price gap between brushed and brushless closes slightly. They use a bungee launch on the Roddel kit but looking at the Mpeg on their site (can't find address at this time!) the model really hauls and could probably easily ROG if it had wheels.

You were asking about geared setups - you could easily gear your motors to swing a larger prop and have a more realistic flight profile. You are talking more money and tinkering, but your model is gonna be big so why not go the exra mile here. It will loose high end speed, and gain low end thrust. But, I've never seen the Hurc go fast in any phase of flight, so this would certainly be a move closer to scale. You wouldn't need to do it to have the model fly though, it would fly fine direct drive if that was your choice.

Remember, KEEP IT LIGHT or you just may HAVE to go brushless! With that size of a model you will have lots of opportunity to save weight, or gain weight. I'd also recommend getting Motocalc and running some numbers in there to narrow down your motor and battery choices.

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