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I've been continuing to have a great time flying my Seawind too. I am still very impressed with how well it flies and have started getting more adventurous with acrobatic flights. However, most of the enjoyment I get comes from making graceful water landings (V. hard to get a perfect nonbounced touchdown) and slow flying on calm days. Have said it before, but it is quite surprising how slow you can come in on final approach without dropping a wing/stalling.

Unlike Danny, I have been out in my kayak a few times to retrieve either the canopy (keep meaning to attach it with a thread to fuselage) or whole plane. Went through a period where glitches got worse and became cut outs upon landing. Finally found the cause - the lead from the ESC to the Rx was stretched and impact from landing caused it to disconnect from the Rx. Having said that, it did happen in mid air once - just prior to landing - thankfully I was only about 4 meters above water, lost all control and my Seawind, with a slight right hand tilt torpedoed straight down into the lake. Funny thing was how it bounced straight back out in the reverse direction as if it was repelled by a spring after having half dissapeared into the drink

Keep us update with your progress Eric and others preparing for maiden flights. Hope you can get your maidens on video if possible?
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