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Originally Posted by insoc
Oh my! Now I am even more confused. I have read very negative reviews about the Slo V because it is very bad with even the lightest wind and heard very good things about the Easy Star. Do you recommend the Easy Star for small fields? It is better than the Slo V in wind situations? Thank you!
Hi insoc,

The Slo-V is very bad for flying in winds above 3-5 miles per hour. If you can feel the wind on your face, then the Slo-V will not be a good plane for flying on those days!

The Easy Star, on the other hand is a Great flying plane when winds are around 7 - 10 mph. It will fly much better than the Slo-V on these 'slightly' windy days.

But now we have a problem it seems. Because while the Easy Star flies much better in slight winds... it also requires a Much larger area to fly in! It flies a LOT faster than the Slo-V, which means you need a much larger area to fly it in!

Is a field 200' x 200' a suitable place to learn to fly an EasyStar? The answer is plain and simple... NO!

There are many people here who will tell you that 200'x200' is plenty to learn to fly the EasyStar in. This is just plain BS!

To learn to fly the Easy Star, you WILL need an area of about 600'x600' MINIMUM!

I have a couple of Slo-V's. I absolutely love my Slo-Vs! I also fly three different Easy Stars... and Love these planes just as much! But the space needed to fly each type of plane is just not comparable. That's not an opinion.. it's just plain Fact!

Take care,

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