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Originally Posted by steve wenban
NOOOOOOOO its nose heavy already lol
the see sawing effect is created by the nose heavy position requiring over use of elevator to compensate resulting in a climb followed by a dive and the cycle repeats, in planks this is called hyper stall . the same applies here reduce elevator throw and try it then move the Cg slighly aft
P.S you will find manufactures CoG is usually forward to be on the safe side .
Well, ok Steve, you have many more planes than I.

The Harbor Freight $69 RTF 55" Wild Hawk

is my first (July 2008) and only plane type (I have two).

Maybe you can elaborate on the porpoising correction, so if I'm not thinking about this right, I can fix it.

You may be right about the ASW 28 being too front heavy already, since, my plane is a pusher (motor high on top of fuselage with prop behind the back of main wing), and the 28 has the motor weight all up front.

But on my plane, the first time I got it to fly right when new, when it was initially porpoising bad, was when I added a heavy rock half the size of a golf ball, to the front cockpit.

Then lately, I noticed the advantage to my plane, of not only moving the battery forward so I dont need the rock, thereby shifting the weight forward, ... but also, giving it down elevator, which helps also to get rid of porpoising.

However, on my plane, the stabilizer, is strangely slightly pointing down in the front, and not level with the wings. They are glued in flat, and that's the way they came out positioned (or I would try to level them).

So, to offset that, it seems to need, a bit of down elevator, to create a sort of airfoil (maybe ?), ... and the last flight the porpoising was gone, and it glided maybe the best ever.

Whats going on with my plane, when the porpoising disappears, and glide flight returns to near perfect, ... when the 7s 1300 mah ni-mh battery is shifted forward 1.7" - 2" from manf spec., and a net very slight down elevator is set for the neutral transmitter trim position?

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