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firmware version 3 with some problems

Hi Jim,

After sending back and getting my system updated for version 3, I have many things that are not in accordance with the user manual, I will not fly until you can explain me the reasons, here the details:

1) On the transmitter in the Advanced programming feature I should have Red Led for power setting, or green Led for hoping mode , but I also have an orange LED what should I do with this ? if I press the program button until status led turn off ( as we did for the setting of power and hoping mode ) I have one flash green led itís the factory setting, but of What ?
2) hoping mode , Iím not an engineer I just donít want to crash my Jet plane , you suggest hoping mode from 1 to 5 just tell me which one I should use ? for me FCC / ETSI / Adaptive/ predictive is a language that didnít help me to make a right choice of setting.
3) The manual says that the receiverís status led will be Red if power on transmitter is on 1 , I test and in my system its nerver Red only green even when power is settled on 1
4) Many times the status led on the receiver is rock solid orange while the current is between 5.05 to 5.09 Volt as per the manual the Orange led should be only when current
drop to 4.4 Volt, or in case a bad servo make the current to drop , I made the test unplugging and replugging servos ( changing with 5 new Servo and used ) and sometime the status led is Green for long time and suddenly goes to Orange while the current didnít drop to 4.4v and still remain in the 5.05 Volts range.
5) I test receiver in slave and Master status : I donít see any difference it works exactly the same ! If I understand the manual a slave receiver will not work alone but only with another receiver in Master position
6) Can you give an explanation with a clear example, when should I use a slave receiver ,to resume what is a slave receiver ?

Hope to get soon clear answers to my questions in order to fly with confidence using you systeme,

Thanks and best regards,

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