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I wrecked mine the other day. I was about 1000' away laterally flying under
an overcast with some sun glare coming through. I had a loss of orientation and guessed wrong with my next aileron input. Unfortunately I was less than one mistake high at the time. It went in hard on the riverbank that goes around 3 sides of our field. The speed control got wet and fried itself. The right wing broke in 4 places and the left one broke off at the root. Both horizontal stabs broke off at the fuse. My tail repair survived intact. The canopy was shattered and the nose cone was broken in several pieces. The nose wheel servo stripped a gear. Poor Hana Reitsch broke her face off and was then stolen by a little girl who was looking at my collection of wreckage.
I ordered a new Jeti eco speed control on the 20% off sale at HL. Its all back together minus landing gear. I still have to repair one leading edge that is folded like an accordion.
My advice to all you Salamander pilots is: If you fly low keep it in close, it will turn surprisingly tight without snappng out. Do your maiden on a clear day. Add some color if you want better visibility. The Gyro on the roll axis would be a good idea but I don't want to throw anymore money at this plane because i'm not sure how well it will fly after my repairs. If you fly it on 4 cells watch out, it will get small in a hurry. I'll post a pic after i repaint it. Good Luck......
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