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Hi all,

Next step is the camera and tilt servo mounting.

Roughen up the back of the camera in order to create a good glue key (epoxy) and attach the tilt servo.

I didn't use the screws that came with the camera, instead I inserted some threaded rod (glued in place) that gave the length required for the bracket. The rod is quite neat in the holes on the bracket, i.e. the camera doesn't wallop about and thus needs no nuts on the outside.
Note: Be careful inserting the rod, the internal electronics is very close to the hole. I'd advise opening up the camera (2 screws) and having a look.

The pan servo still needs a line of hot glue around the topside just to add a bit of extra stability and strength. You'd think by looking at it that it would be a bit top heavy and easily broken, but actually it ain't too bad.

Also, the way I have the tilt servo setup is to give lots of down view and not much the cam is very near the front of the plane I can see the ground quite clearly. It's easily changed though just by relocating the servo arm.

Next on the agenda is mounting the Tx in the fusilage......coming soon.


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