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Thanks Tony,

I am sure you will have a good time with the Tritle Aeronca. I had scratch built a Tritle design before this model, the 48" Stinson Voyager. Maybe some of his techniques have been incorporated into my system The Stinson flies perfectly, real slow and also fast enough when forced. If it had ailerons it could do all maneuvers in the book. Even with the rudder I can work out some of those. Of course rolls are quite barrelly, so roll maneuvers leave much to be desired - well that means most them, huh ?

My eyesight is failing also, I use those magnifier fluorescent lamps on all tables and do critical work under those.

Five days continuous work periods can be quite fruitful. I had that chance a few weeks ago, and most of what is seen on the Fairchild was a result of that. Maybe I can have more time by the summer, because I may get retired by then. I can have a few months free time before taking a new job - which has to be done in this country, as the retirement wage is funny, 20% of my present wage at most..

The Karlstrom 3 view shows the radial one as well, maybe you can modify my plan - the radial nose should be much easier than the inline.. You could need a dummy engine, though, and that could limit the scale of the model unless you would be willing to do the engine from scratch.

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