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It is wise to be careful, but nitrocelluse by itself is only as dangerous as ping pong balls - that is almost 100% nitrocellulose. Of course it burns dangerously; that must be why movie films were modified, running along high power lamps or arc lamps in old movie projectors - must be a deadly combination.

I used to experiment on solid rocket propellant mixtures at home when I was young; even burned down my mother's kitchen curtain - that was a good lesson. My rocket(s) flew only once , and broke down some other house's window - another bad lesson which ended all experimentation

Let's stop dangerous conversations. Here are some developments from yesterday. The cabin floor , door sills, and a fuselage reinforcement have been installed, as photos show. The reinforcement is just there to hold the fuselage sides fixed, there is no other function - well, one end is useful for holding a bulkhead in place.. I am gluing the plywood wing root support in one photo.

I have started working on the curved wing and tail tips, or rather their jigs. I need to get the vertical tail ready to get the fuselage finished.

Despite all those holes, the fuselage at this stage - without the front and the rear end still untouched - is around 75 grams, not as light as I would like it to be. I guess only the stringers will add around 30-40 grams.

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