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Multiplex EasyStar 2009 - A discussion of anything Easy Star and sometimes more

Welcome to the 2009 Multiplex EasyStar 2009 Thread

Part 2 of the 2008 Multiplex EasyStar can be found here:

Big thanks go to Mark Jayne and Joe Knight. Mark not only kicked off the 2008 EasyStar thread, he provided numerous posts detailing advanced EZ* modifications and beautiful professional photography links. Joe has been seemingly tireless during 2008 providing hundreds of EZ* posts answering just about every new flyer’s EZ* setup questions.

In this EZ thread we try and keep our posted messages light, informative, and positive. As such we celebrate special events like “Talk like a Pirate Day”, “Limerick Day” and other landmark “tell a joke” holidays.

To me the EZ* is one of the best all round flying and the safest plane in my hangar. The EZ*’s soft foam body, rear facing prop, light weight, break-away wings, and relatively slow flying speed gives me a level of comfort to fly in parks, the ocean front, and electric RC fly-ins.

Based on experience it’s my opinion that new flyers/builders should start with the “stock” Ready to Fly (RTF) EZ*. Simple, slower, and safer are the better way to go when starting the hobby with an EZ*.

Whenever I post in the EZ* thread I try and keep new flyers and youngsters in mind. Even though we talk about advanced modifications and flying in the thread all new flyers should feel comfortable posting any questions. I also encourage folks to not forget to use Private Messages (PM) and/or email. I always look forward to receiving PM’s and email with EZ* configuration and flying questions.

For 2009 I’d like to set the following goals for EZ* flyers. The first goal is to attend at least (2) electric fly-ins over the summer. The Electric fly-ins are where you can join fellow flyers for a relaxing day of sport flying, talking to your old and new flying buddies, checking out the vendors, and eating platters of hamburgers and hotdogs. Considering the aforementioned flying and safety attributes, the EZ* makes great plane to take to Electric fly-ins. I’ve posted a couple aerial photos below taken (by an EZ*) at electric fly-ins last summer.

The second goal is work with your local Parks and Recreation Departments to open or keep a field open for electric Park Flying. This is especially important is suburban areas. Part of the battle to open a park field for flying is the knowledge on how to implement a plan that works for all involved. Here is an example where RC flying was banned from all the Roanoke Virginia County Parks and then reinstated after months of hard work on behalf of park officials and local flyers.

Roanoke County, Virginia, Parks & Recreation Park Flyer Program

Have a Happy New Year and a great 2009 flying season!


Useful Links

Mark Jayne's website with plenty of Easystar mods and videos

Searchable PDF file with all 22 threads up to June 2006

Sarge's EasyStar build and modification thread

Brandie's Elapor soup method of repairing the EasyStar's elapor foam

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