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Ordered 14 December got 22 December - My Impression so Far

Actually I got it on the 23 because I was not here to accept it from the postman on the 22nd. Bench test was OK. No flight test yet. I found I could install the 8 AA cells improperly so the transmitter would not fire up, but have been unable to reproduce that problem after properly seating the batteries.

There was no connection between the batteries and the "charge jack", but I suspect I can fix that with a handy soldering iron. Seems to be set up for Alkaline cells.

Here was nothing to indicate the proper orientation of the receiver battery pack and servo connections. I found out by trial and error. The negative (black wire) goes away from the main part of the receiver.

There was no indicator for whether or not the receiver and transmitter were binded. I had half way expected to have an LED indicator. The receiver did bind OK and operated the servos just fine.

Range check seemed to be OK inside the house, about 50 feet away. I was pleasantly surprised to find the transmitter had a range test button.

I like the feel of the sticks, with tension about the way I like it. The case has a solid feel to it. The transmitter "stick-on" labeling is not especially pleasing to my ole eyes.

I hope soon to open the transmitter case to see how easy or hard it might be to "improve" things inside Maybe find unused places on the transmitter board to add channels ??? Who knows?

That's my initial impression of this $29.93 2,4 GHz radio system. I think I got more than my money's worth. But then I haven't flown it yet !!

What to the rest of you folks think ??

Happy Holidays to you all.

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