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I have some 1200 E-tecs on order and I did try the hummer with a couple 1020 packs (2s2p Kokam 1020s), but it was unable to lift off with the extra weight on that stock motor. Guess I'm gona have to order one of those 370 motors too. Not ready to invest in the brushless yet, although I probably will down the road when I find I have an extra $200 that I don't know what to do with.

I thought I read that people were using the 1020 kokams on the Hummingbird and it was working for them, also some were suggesting that the Hummingbird draws only 3 amps in a hover. The 1020 are rated as Current capacity: 3.5-4 amps sustained, 5+ amps in short bursts. That should be more then enough to hold a hover??????
Either that rated current capacity for those batteries is wrong or the Hummingbird draws more the 3 amps in a hover.

By the way Jeff, thats for the bit of advice, it's obvious now,,,,hold rudder full left after a crash, makes perfect sense. Still I don't remember reading that good bit of advice anywhere?
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