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Can't get it up!

My Hummingbird that is,,, and actually I can get it up, but just not for very long at a time.

I just got my Hummingbird put together with stock motors and separates and aluminium shaft collar.
Separate items are:
CSM HLG200 Gyro,,,, Pixie 7 ESC, GWS ICS-50, FMA M5 Receiver and 2 cell 1020 Li-poly battery pack. I had to install extensions and mount the battery pack well forward of the battery struts to get it to balance.
I'm a total novice to RC Helis of any kind, yet remarkably I got it trimmed and hovering (sort of) in a couple hours.
The problem is it seems to poop out rather fast and I am unable to keep it in the air for more then about 30 seconds at a time. Even with a fresh charge if I can hold it steady for long enough it will start to lose power and settle back into ground effect and gets tougher to control so I land right away. If I wait a while I'm able to get off the ground again and do the same sort of thing.
I'm guessing it's the batteries that aren't able to hold the current draw. I have yet to hook up my amp meter (will do that soon).
But I have heard there are people using the 1020 Li-poly batteries with good success, so I'm wondering if there might be some other problem????
Anybody with any ideas or suggestions???
Here are some pics of my Hummingbird set up.

One comment about the CSM HLG200 Gyro I would like to make that in all my reading about these helis here and other places on the net I have never seen anybody mention this fact. That is that it would be easy to burn out the tail motor quickly with this type of Head lock or Head Hold gyro. If you crash or tip the heli you would or at least should cut the power right away so that the main motor doesn't get stalled and burn out itself or the ESC, but with a HL type gyro if the tail rotor gets stalled and the gyro senses that it is needs to turn to get back on track it could give the tail rotor full power trying to right itself and there is nothing you can do to stop it from the remote control, you'll have to run over and pick up the heli to free the stalled tail rotor and quickly. Maybe this could account for why some people are having very short lifespans on their tail motors???
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