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newb to flying is a newb to forums also... 8/

Great thread with all this activity.
Thanks for the welcome Bz1mcr & Springer!
I didn't realize when I first posted a reply that the thread went on for many pages after that. I am used to using forums, just brain farted a suppose.

Springer to your earlier question, I haven't even gotten my battery yet as I am still building my inventory of parts atm. As a matter of fact I am writing this as fast as possible because I am leavng after this ti go to The Prop Shop in Warren to pick up their last Slo-V for my first actual good functioning plane to learn with.
I'll be hanging there for a few as I am also taking my newly arrived box of goodies I just got from akguanja. These are the parts I mentioned before with specs that I was thinking I'll be using for the BB if I builkd it before the warbirds. Check them out, let me know what you think.

I'll be gettin their advice on the battery I will get & I also need a charger for the plane & tx batteries. Then that should do it. I also have a nib (although old, just never used) Watt-age Lite Stick coming from byen00.

I will look at their foam but not sure I'll use it.
What foam do you guys use & where do you get it?

Oh and also I saw your discussion on a park in Sterling Hts. I grew up there. I am pretty sure I saw mention of something by Schoenherr. I know there is the Wirlybirds field at Freedom Hill but I also have been looking at the soccer fields just east of Schoenherr on Clinton River Rd. It definately looks big enough to fly in.

Is anyone going to Skymasters indoor loc in Pontiac the Sat after Christmas?
I see they are opening it that weekend for weekend flying. I hate that it is usually Tue's only.
I already plan on goin there as I will maiden the Slo-V there.
And if the Lite Stick shows up in time I'll be bringing that too. Plus my cute litte AeroScout, (gotta love fun little 2 channels) and the beastly Wild Hawk. (I know, cheapy version of the Easy Star, but hey, $30.00 complete RTF at the swap meet!)

Sure look forward to meeting yall & flying with you!
Happy Holidays!!!

Jimmy JFlyer, over & out
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