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Originally Posted by Eagle_Wings
Hey Folks,

Just ordered a funjet today. Need guidance on motor, esc, prop., etc.

Already use 3S 3300 25C batteries on a wing warrior eraider. So I would like to use those same batteries for funjet.
If so, would you recommend something like (a) mega 3 turn with (b) something like a 6x4 prop and (c) castle 35Amp ESC.

Will the plane need any beefing up with this type of a setup or can it be used as foam straight out of the box.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Have a Good Day!

Obviously the battery will be the limiting factor. You could go up to 60+ amps, but it will be a very short flight. I would think that you should shoot for about 33-35 amps (345-365watts). Also, my personal feeling is that a 6x4 (thrust) or 6x5.5 (speed) is a nice size for this plane. A Mega 3 turn will work, but even with the 6x4 you will be at...
Mega 16-15-3/6x4/49amps/150watts of heat!!! (no good)

Mega 16-15-4/6x4/29amps/297watts/31ounces static/76mph pitch/81%eff/57watts of heat (pretty good - 6x5.5 is too much for this motor)

My feeling would be to step up a size in motor so that you can get the full 350+watts. So a Mega 16-25-xx or Medusa 28-040-xxx. However, Mega only has a 2650 in the range, and that's a little high to match up with the 6" props (42amps/58amps), so...

Medusa 28-040-2500/6x4/35amps/350watts/43ounces static/88mph pitch/88%eff/42watts of heat (perfect set-up for your battery).
This motor could EASILY be pushed harder with a bigger controller and your battery...
Medusa 28-040-2500/6x5.5/48amps/465watts/39ounces static/109mph pitch/84%eff/76watts of heat (perfect for some quick passes - just over 4 min WOT).

Keep in mind, the numbers are just good guesses. I would look for a 28-040-2500 Medusa (or very similar). Some people will try to get you to put in way more power, but I think that you would be very happy with this set-up. You won't have the fastest Funjet ever. But, keep in mind, the Funjet has a steep fall off for more power in vs. more fun out, much above where your set-up would be.

Good luck and have fun,
- Cliff

PS - Mine is on a Medusa 28-32-2400 with the same two props. Only using a 3S 2250 25C.
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