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Techone EPP Piaget

Hey Guys,

I got in contact with Eddie from Tates Hobbies in Oz who are the distributors of this line of planes and was promptly sent a Piaget which arrived 2 x days later! (Cheers Ed )
Upon inspection of the kit I knew this was going to be an absolute blast to build!
The laser cut EPP is exceptional, with the smallest of holes for the carbon bracing pre-cut for you, precision cut firewall plate and nose doublers which go together like Lego as well as the slotted fuselage. Awesome indeed.
The first thing I noticed in the parts bag was these strange looking hinges.
The things are light, resistance free and are super easy to install.
Simply slice a 3mm deep slot across the surfaces, add a drop of c/a and 'plug' them in. Magic!

The Hardware is all of good quality, easy to use and even the holes for the control horns are pre-cut through the surfaces. No brainer.

Axi 2203 - 46, Turnigy 10A ESC, GWS 8x4.3sf, 350 - 500mah 2S Lipo.

AUW 190g / 6.8oz with 350mah 2S.
The plane looks great, and the colors work very well together.

I have a limited amount of space to fly it indoors as the weather is crazy here at the moment due to a Cyclone North West of W.A. but from what I can tell this is going to be a killer pattern/3D ship. Great lock into knife edge with no mixing!
Hover / Harrier as solid as anything I have ever flown. Rudder turns require just a squeeze of up elevator and opposite aileron correction, very very stable.
I am undecided on the 'Aileron Brakes' as they seem a little bit too effective for me, but am reserving judgment until I can get to our local indoor dome.

All in all I am really impressed with this kit.
Without doubt the best indoor plane build I have had the pleasure of completing so far.
It's not the cheapest, but comparable to other high end kits for sure and from early indications is going to a great performer in the air.
I predict the local dome is going to filled with the Techone line of planes!

You can see the range of EPP Planes here - Techone Hobbies

I will keep you informed and get some video for y'all!


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