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Originally Posted by FlopGun
Wow, I flew a pack this morning, but this time moved the battery back a few inches. Huge difference.

In my maiden video, you'll notice I was kind of fighting it a bit and there was no inverted flight because it was really dipping.

With the correct CG, she is tamed! Easy TRs and hovers and great inverted. And rollers piece of cake.

Now if I could just get some warmer temperatures. It was only 20 this morning and that's so cold I can only run 1 pack before frozen toes and fingers.

Any Minnesotans out there who fly in temps below 0 F?

Right now, it's -4C in Seattle; partly cloudy, 7Km/h winds (24.8F and 4-5Mph)

Sounds like paradise! Get out there.

At the moment, it's a bit more than I could take here even with disposable gloves, i've never tried a tx mitt but they look like something that might help.

It's currently;

-18C 37Km/h light snow. "feels like -31"

Or, roughly 0F and 23Mph "feels like-23.8F"

IMO any lower than actual 5F is too cold to be worth the outing, and the less wind the better. Ever notice how COLD wind affects the plane a lot more than warm wind of the same speed would? (without even mentioning the effect it has on exposed skin)

I have two golden retriever lab mixes and today even they didn't want to play outside for too long... (they sometimes break ice to bathe in the chilled water beneath it and stay there as if it's comfortable, but today even they are feeling it)

Always exaggerate on the clothes, boots etc... we are standing still flying RC, so we can't dress as if we were going cross country skiing or snowshoeing uphill we are not going to last very long because we are not turning calories into heat at anywhere near the same rate. Pretend you are Aerofundan visiting Canada for the first time and REALLY want to stay warm
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