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Went out flying yesterday (51 degrees, 6-8 mph, sunny). We set up the winch and D.O. flew his Supra and I flew my flapped AVA. Great flying. And then I got out the Radian. One minute to plug in the wings. One minute to do a range check. One short hand toss -- the glide was long enough that I just turned on the motor and flew. Four or five short motor runs, two thermals and 20-25 minutes of flying. The Radian is simply the nuts.

I purchased the whole RTF rig thinking the cost difference between the RTF and the ARF was a no-brainer. $90 for a transmitter, receiver, flight battery and charger. From a glider guider's point of view, this is the best flying, greatest value that anyone has ever offered. I've got an EZ glider and there is no comparison between the two planes either in value or in flying ability. As a really dedicated TD flyer who started this silliness in 1975 what I can't get over when I fly this "foam cooler" is that it is a real glider. It flies as well as any beginner RE plane I have ever owned or flown. It turns great. It lands great. It thermals great. It simply has no bad habits. And even for a hard-bitten TD flyer, it is fun to fly.

It is hard to think of a better setup to learn to fly on regardless of which flavor of glider guider you are (or even if you intend to go into power). It is simple. It is tough. Quick to get into the air. You can look away from the plane while you are flying it (D.O. observed that an instructor could actually grab transmitter from the student, ignore the plane, lecture the student, turn the transmitter back over to the student and continue the flight )

And for those of us who can't pass up a competition, this is a great club plane. Everyone lights the fuse at the same time, cuts the motor off at the same time -- last guy down wins. Wednesday night in the local park. No driving to the boondocks, no winch setup/takedown, first flight five minutes from when everyone shows up, five minutes after last flight everyone can go home. Talk about stupid simple. And did I say these things are actually fun to fly?

Happy Landings,

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