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Trust me, I started on gliders, and once you hit a nice thermal your hooked for life, even flew one with binoculars laying back on a recliner, it was a mere dot in the sky, took binoculars to pull out the wing visual, flew over an hour with a ship far below the level of the improved Radain, watch the Radian float past you eye level its a site to behold, my friend new to sailplanes gasped as this beautiful bird majestically floated in for a landing, its a honey, perhaps not everyones ideal thought of what a bird should be, I now fly a Jet Pusher and loving it, but if I had a choice, would be hard to not include this increadible flyer, its all they advertise and much more, takes some skill to land these at your feet with the long glide, keep you busy for some time...BEST ..<>..

Will add the Radian is an excellent starter plane, with a tad of caution with the brushless motor, and delay on stick you have to fly slightly ahead of it, as most first outings a veteran rc sailplane flyer strongly suggested, I cringe seeing some newbies attempting this one without help, some are more gifted than others on the learning curve, yep good entry, but this one has an attitude especially at full throttle, hi hi, and its long glide, even a football - field is barely enough for this floater on maiden flights....BEST ..<>..
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