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OK, I thought the Radian had ailerons, but I just found some good pictures, and there's no control surfaces on the wing. It comes with a 5 channel receiver, so it shouldn't be too hard to add ailerons, right? I've been flying a sim for a while now, and much prefer the acrobatics of having aileron control, and would love to get something with this control and size (at the price of a Radian). What do you think? Would it work? How hard would it be? Would it handle OK for some simple loops, rolls, inverted flight, etc, or is the design simply not made for this?

(Of course, being my frist plane, I do want everything in one - a park flyer that can fast slope/ridge soar with acrobatics and can thermal well too. I'm assuming I can add weight for faster slope/ridge soaring.)

What do you think?
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