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Originally Posted by Boneswamped
-All that to ask this; I have an AXI2212/26 brushless motor/esc setup that is not being used, would this be a suitable power setup for a Minimum?
It looks to be about the right size, The Kv figure is a little bit lower than the Hacker I'm using which has Kv=1022.
-I was also wondering if the headplate for the PT 25 available from Flying Balsa would be suitable?
Jocken's head design is really easy to make. The only slightly tricky bit is getting the bearings aligned as you glue them into the triangular top and bottom pieces.
-They also offer blades as well for that head setup, I wonder if that setup with my motor setup would be close, or at least scaleable for use with a "Minimum" based aircraft?
Thanks for the inspiring(if not encouraging) words to help motivate me. I'm feelin the tough love man.
I'm trying to encourage you not to take the easy route of buying in bits that you can easily make for yourself. If you build it as per Jochen's plans it will fly well. If you change anything about the design that might not be the case anymore.

Stick with a known good design to start with.
Learn to fly it.
Then start to make alterations to the model and see how they change the flying characteristics.

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