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Greg -

thanks. Indeed spinner was the first I have ever considered among the 6 listed above after I read the long thread "epp dlg". EPP construction is very attractive indeed. I get discouraged thou when I read it does not perform "well" on flat field. I don't know if I am wrong but I am under the impression that to really thermal you need a wing loading of less than 3 oz/sq in really. I guess when people comment on how "well" some plane performs it really depends on the level that person is at. A plane that performs really "well" for a beginner may perform like a brick for the experts.

I am a beginner and I really just want some fun, and hence I post here to find out what people's experience are. All I want is something that I can chuck up into the sky in my neighborhood and can stay aloft for a minute or so or more if the condition is right. I don't care much about aerobatics all I will do is loops and roll anyway. I just want something I can do to unwind after work as I have no intention to drive 20-30min to get to a slope all the time.

I learnt my first plane on aileron / elevator so I am actually more comfortable with aileron than with the rudder. But the bug has V-tail so I guessit performs like a rudder plane any way.
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