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over in the foamey section I'm building a star max f-5
below are the results of fan testing out of fuse and in: note
the loss in fuse , how can this be corrected?

QUOTE:I ran the test to day these are the results

using the 77MM 7 blade unit with just the fan housing in
test stand using a 4s lipo at full charge

39.2 amps
513 watts
trust 1357 grams trust
then with a 6 " exust tube narrowed to 62 mm battery fully charged
40.3 amps
528 watts
1412 grams trust

then mounted in f-5 fuse ducting sanded and coated,ducting smoothed
for change in size of fan:with a fully charged battery
46.4 amps
547 watts
1118 grams trust
it seems power when up and trust when down , and quite a bite of
power loss , r vincent had mentioed that he had modifed his ducting
to over come this and would show us his setup.
I have the feeling that its not the airframe thats causing this to
not fly as fast as we would like but Issues with the ducting
inlets seem large enough and the ducting is smooth , possable
that the split exaust is problem?
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